"Decades of partnership with Andre have shaped my business journey significantly. From our initial venture in 1998, which continues to thrive, to a successful five-year collaboration on another project, and a year dedicated to refining a small company's business plan and fiscal responsibility – all still standing today. Andre's unwavering commitment to truth and longevity in business, coupled with his emphasis on trust and respect, has left an indelible mark on my approach, instilling the value of creating a legacy through each new project, uplifting staff, and fostering success for years to come."
Riaan Jacobs
"André has a remarkable ability to distil complex concepts into manageable steps, making the learning process both accessible and empowering. Even when I was short-sighted and unable to see the bigger picture, André provided guidance that allowed me to broaden my perspective and make more informed decisions. André goes above and beyond to provide support and guidance whenever needed and with his deep grasp of business fundamentals he is an invaluable asset to an inspiring entrepreneur."
Suzanne von Rauenstein
“The voice of reason! Andre was instrumental in cutting through the noise and assisting me to focus on the next steps, and not get overwhelmed by it all. Would recommend him any day of the week! Nice to know you are not alone and there is someone with you, every step of the way.”
Vivian Klein
Master Dynamics
“When we were in Covid Andre assisted us in starting up our business and today based on his advice and expertise we have successful thriving business.”
Richard Friedrichs
PFC Services
“Andre is a fantastic partner for any business! A great sounding board with an amazing ability to see through the clutter and assist in creating a clear way forward. Andre has a great understanding of the business environment and is able to simplify complex situations allowing you to make better decisions. Having Andre as part of your management team brings real value and his enthusiasm is not limited to your sessions he has a vested interested in your success always being available to chat to. His commitment to your success can be seen by the way he keeps in touch and follows up long after your formal consultations have ended. A real joy to work with and I can highly recommend him to any business owner.”
Jason Gifford

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