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Consulting for small to medium sized businesses –
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Qualified SA Business Coach.


A wealth of experience and many business tools.


Successful projects and their management.

Why would it make sense for me
to help you in your small business?

I’ve been there. I have struggled with keeping all the balls in the air, become so focussed on one thing that I have let other, important things slide. I have lain awake at night trying to make sense of what I need to do the next day, never mind next week. I have been through business growth, recruitment decisions, cash flow crises, customer complaints, supplier betrayal, exhaustion, panic, loneliness, despair and asking myself (and anyone else who would listen) ‘what am I doing here?’

Nevertheless, by grace from above, good friends and family I have survived and prospered.

Critical success factors in any small business

One thing that survivors have to offer to others is what they learned while trying to survive.

One of the critical success factors in any small business is access to good advice, a sounding board, and someone who knows enough about the business and its customers to speak honestly and directly into what and who is working and not working.

I wish that I had been able to access this as a professional service in my business journey.

I have a wealth of experience

I have a wealth of experience and many tools that have worked for me in my small business journey. I will run alongside you, learn about your business and be an interested, committed and hopefully an objective partner. Someone who responds to your needs and points out where I can see potential opportunities, problems and challenges.

There is a cost to you for this, but I am pretty sure it will be worth it. I am committed to working with you and helping you to develop as best you can, and to run your business as only you can.

Having said that I do not offer a pre-packaged set of products, here are some headings around which the conversations about your business will be structured:

  • Your business model, especially focusing on the value that you intend to deliver to customers and the way that you have structured the business to deliver that value.
  • Your personal strengths and weaknesses and what you must put in place to support your own weaknesses.
  • People and their capabilities; your team and skills, leading the team.
  • Other people that could influence your business: suppliers, partners and collaborators.
  • Getting the right things done effectively – consistently.
  • Successful projects and their management.
  • Growing, exiting, merging or generally doing something out of the ordinary with your business.
    Where are you going and what is going to get you there?

Where are you going and what is going to get you there?

Getting the right things done effectively – consistently.

A little bit about me
and my previous work

Education & Experience

  • I have a B.Com degree and 21 years’ experience in running my own and others’ businesses.
  • I am a qualified SA Business Coach.
  • I have taken the time to mould my abilities, knowledge, skills and experience into a product and service which will add massive value to you as a business owner.

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